Thursday, August 10, 2017

August 10, Genesis 12:10-20 Journey to Egypt, our first glimpse of Abram's character

The circumstances and actions seem a bit peculiar to me, that Sarai would agree to cooperate. While it's not explicitly written, it is implied that Abram did this to save his own skin and he fully expected his wife to sleep with the Pharaoh.  Cultures may have changed a lot but I really don't think people's emotions have. The modern society may disagree but I think there is something wired within us that makes us possessive of a single mate, for both sexes. I've known couples with modern open marriages where both can play, but in all of the cases I've had the impression that they really weren't happy. This bothers me on a pretty deep level. I've always taken seriously the concept that a married couple was one flesh. There is no way I can conceive of hurting myself and Vicki is a part of me. The story of Sarai being Abram's sister is not an outright lie, she was his half sister, they both had the same father. That too I find a bit disturbing but the gene pool wasn't quite so corrupted then. So the first character flaw we see in Abram is one that we all share, we're self centered.

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