Friday, August 11, 2017

August 11, Genesis 13:1-13 Making choices in life

Abram and Lot were well both well off and the area just couldn't support them both. I see grace in Abram by giving Lot the first choice. I've heard a sermon on this, spiritualizing it that Lot was enticed by the world and chose the attractive life of the cities. While it may be true, scripture doesn't actually say that. Major cities are today well known for ungodly lifestyles, that's not the only reason people chose cities. Some just prefer living with a lot of people. Where I may find fault with Lot is that he didn't research what type people lived there and what they worshiped. (At least we're not told if he did). We make choices daily, some are pretty simple but some are major, choosing where we may live is a major choice and should deal with more than a surface attraction.

Today's workout, Chest, triceps, shoulders
step, push up or hug, windmill, triceps ext or bench dip, climber, shoulder press

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