Wednesday, August 2, 2017

August 2, Genesis 7 Noah's ark

Maybe it should be called God's ark, it is His means of salvation. I've heard and read countless commentaries on how the ark is a type of Christ that saves us through the water baptism. Too spiritual for me today. I've also studied some debates on how Noah could or could not have put all of the animals in the ark. That debate has gone on for a long time and I really see no need to enter there. I do believe that there was a flood and there was an ark filled with all kinds of animals. But what if the flood was not global? What if the only continent that was inhabited was Africa? If Noah only needed to gather animals from the inhabited lands, which they probably believed represented the whole earth, that's a lot less animals. Just a thought. I do believe that the ark represents the fact that God will and does provide a means of salvation for His people. It's by faith. It was in faith that Noah actually built the ark, having never seen rain before. And by faith he and his family entered in, believing that God would bring them through. Salvation is, was, and will always be by faith. 

Today's workout, legs and butt 
Step, squat, windmill, lunge, step over, hamstrings 

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