Sunday, August 20, 2017

August 20, Genesis 18:1-21 Rest here and I'll bring you a snack

I looked at several translations and they all read a morsel of bread. I have a commentary that reads the measure was two and a half gallons of meal. I think two and a half cups more likely.  Added to that Abraham slaughtered a calf and cooked it. I doubt that he presented them with the whole animal. This whole process had to take most of the day, I suppose that you couldn't be in a hurry to go someplace, no such thing as fast food. But the point of this is that Abraham realized that God had come to him and he gave abundantly from what he had. I think one can recognize someone who is truly thankful by how and what they give. The next section, the promise of a son to Sarah, seems to be tied to the first. That God promised a son because Abraham showed hospitality. We may get that idea because we live with a world system of reciprocal actions. When I do certain things, others are expected to respond. But the promise has been there for at least thirty years. We have no idea why God delayed so long, He does what He wants in His time regardless of what I do.

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