Sunday, August 27, 2017

August 27 Genesis 21:22-34 Significance from seeming insignificance

We have a form of peace treaty between Abraham and Abimelech, a promise from Abraham to deal fairly with Abimelech's descendants. Then there is this dispute over something as simple as a well. It's likely that Abraham dug several wells while he traveled but this one plays a part in several places. Abraham names it Beerhseba, which means the well of seven. It becomes a special place in history, Hagar meets God there, or the text says an angel of The Lord. Isaac builds an altar here, Jacob meets with God, Elijah finds refuge here, Saul builds a fortress here. And there is still a lot more. The city still exists today, one of the largest cities in Israel. Sometimes we can do something that seems insignificant but it can have effect on the future far longer than we can understand, for good or for bad.

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