Tuesday, August 29, 2017

August 29 Genesis 23 Accepting a gift, willing to be indebted

I see two different ideas here the first being to not have any debts, something I've personally striven to do. Aside from medical bills and a mortgage, which are pretty much unavoidable, we've managed to get rid of all other debts. Being in debt is a form of personal slavery. But there are other debts which are not monetary and there is the issue of being able to accept a gift. Abraham is seeking a place for burial and is willing to pay. Ephron is willing to simply give the land to Abraham as a gift but Abraham won't receive it as such and insists to pay. How many of us have that same problem? We feel indebted to someone for a gift. There was an episode of Big Bang Theory several years ago where Sheldon was dreading Christmas gifts because he felt any exchange needed to be met with similar value. What he received was, to him, worth far more than he ever expected or could pay. That's the gift from God, it's forgiveness with only one condition, ask for it and receive. It can't be purchased and there is no debt to repay.

Today's workout, high energy challenge. Do this four times through
Set a timer for six intervals of 5 seconds and 30 seconds. Do aerobic steps then jump rope. This will take 3:30 then do 10 reps each, row, hamstring curl or glute bridge, Turkish get up, bench dip.  Each circuit should be about six minutes.

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