Thursday, August 3, 2017

August 3, Genesis 8, 1 year in the ark

Most people are familiar with the rain coming for 40 days and nights but very few actually realize that Noah and his family spent a whole year on the ark. That has to be stressful, no matter how close a family is. A lot would have happened during that year that we don't know about. I wonder if any babies were born. The chapter ends with Noah bringing an offering to God which is pleasing to Him. And that too leaves me with a question; did Noah bring offerings to God while in the ark? I see and hear a lot of praise to God when something good happens, isn't God the same even when life is crap? And finally God proclaims that He will not destroy the earth again with a flood, although it is stated that man's heart is still bent to evil and he will return to his old habits. And that some day the earth will be no more.

Today's workout, 30:00 cardio

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