Thursday, August 31, 2017

August 31 Genesis 25:1-28 Abraham's other wife and children

By the time that Isaac is married Abraham would be 140 years old, it's unlikely that he married at this time. It's probable that he married Keturah while Sarah was still alive. He just wasn't satisfied with what God gave him. Sounds familiar eh?  In Abraham's wisdom he sends away all of the children other than Isaac before he dies, this avoided certain problems. We know little about what became of them, there are some theories but that's really all that we have. The promise from God was to be through Isaac only, everything else was Abraham's idea and we see today how that still causes problems in Israel.

Today's workout, high energy challenge. Do this four times through
Set a timer for six intervals of 5 seconds and 30 seconds. Do aerobic steps then jump rope. This will take 3:30 then do 10 reps each, pull up, burpee, squat. push up.  Each circuit should be about six minutes.

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