Friday, August 4, 2017

August 4, Genesis 9:1-17 Man's relationship with nature is changed

By all accounts something significant changed after the flood. As far as anyone can tell man did not eat animals before then but now God says that animals are to be food. I know some people who follow a vegetarian diet, they need to add supplements because one cannot get everything strictly from vegetables. No-one knows exactly what happened or how things were but obviously something changed. I feel that God was telling Noah, in a roundabout way, that humans would need to eat meat from this point on. It also changed the relationship with the animals, from the text I have the impression that man and animals had no fears of each other but now the animals fear man. That's what our sinful nature does, it changes our environment, it still changes our environment.

Today's workout
Chest, triceps, shoulders
step, push up or hug, windmill, triceps ext or bench dip, climber, shoulder press

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