Monday, August 7, 2017

August 7, Genesis 11:1-9 The tower of Babel and new linguistics

The tower of Babel is famous but I doubt that many actually understand what was happening. I was taught that it was a primitive sky scraper, reaching the heavens. But English really isn't a concise language to translate into and where it says they would put the top of the tower in the heavens, it could also mean a heavenly place was on the top of the tower. In which case the meaning would be a temple on the tower. I think that more likely. But not a temple for God. In just 100 years since the flood they've started worshiping the stars, moon, sun and planets. So a temple to these 'heavenly' things makes sense. And there is something else happening here. After the flood God told Noah that he and his family should repopulate the earth. So far they haven't really moved very far from where the ark landed. So God confused their languages to drive them away from each other and to stop the construction of this pagan temple. 

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