Tuesday, August 8, 2017

August 8, Genesis 11:10-32 The lineage of Abram

More names that to gentiles really don't mean much. But of note is that there is a line from Adam to Abram and a continuing line from Abram to Jesus. The records existed then but today without outside help people are hard pressed to trace families back more than three or four generations. Although we may not see the significance of the names, God placed them here so they are significant for some reason. What does stand out to me though isn't what it says but what isn't written. How did these men live their lives? Were they faithful or did they too fall into paganism?  I just find it curious that this is omitted. When we looked at the books of Kings it nearly always indicated he walked upright or did evil in the sight of the lord. I hope that it cannot be said that I did evil before the lord.

Today's workout, any cardio 30:00

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