Wednesday, August 9, 2017

August 9, Genesis 12:1-9 God called Abram

Note that the scripture doesn't tell us why God called Abram. At times we're told that a certain person was evil or walked upright but here there's nothing. We know little of the man before he's called but we will see a lot of him after and we'll get a good picture of his character. He's just like anyone else, a sinful man who sometimes does dumb things and sometimes wants to please God. There's nothing special about him to see. Later we're told of Abraham that he trusted God and it was counted to him as righteousness. I think that's all it was, God saw in Abram a man with faith. It wasn't unwavering faith but it was an obedient faith. I sometimes wonder if God ever called anyone else who didn't have that faith and so we don't know about them. Just a thought. I don't think that requirement has changed. God looks for us to have faith, it doesn't need to be perfect everyday, we can and we will have times of doubt but it's all a trust issue. 

Today's workout, legs and butt 
Step, squat, windmill, lunge, step over, hamstrings 

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