Saturday, September 2, 2017

September 2 Genesis 26 Isaac prospers, the public envies

Overall in this chapter we see how Isaac and his family prospered in a time of famine and we see some of Isaac's character too. He tells the same lie that Abraham told, that Rebekah was his sister. For Abraham this was true as Sarah was his half sister, for Isaac it's very loosely considered true as cousins can be called brother and sister. But what we see more in this chapter is the petty squabbles in life against people who achieve. God promised Isaac that he would prosper but Isaac still did the work of planting and general farming, it wasn't just a handout. The Philistines filled up his wells with dirt, certainly they can be re dug but it's an inconvenience. Then they send him away, ostracized from their society. The envy of man for those who prosper hasn't changed in the centuries. Either they are looked upon as corrupt, acquiring their wealth at the expense of others, which could be true but is not a general truth. Or they are closely followed,  as if the proximity to wealth and power is in itself a position of prestige. 

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