Monday, September 4, 2017

September 4 Genesis 28, Isaac manipulated, Esau's wife, Jacob makes a deal with God

I don't want to generalize that all wives manipulate their husbands but all that I've known have done so. It really becomes simple, being married for any significant time, spouses know exactly what buttons to push and when to get a response. We know from the last chapter that Rebekah wanted to send Jacob to her brother, so she persuaded Isaac to send him. I'm really not sure how to take this section on Esau. He knows that his parents don't want their sons to marry Canaanites yet he's already married to two Hittites. Taking a wife from Ishmael may have been a move to please his parents, but he's already got two too many wives. And finally we have Jacob making an if-then deal with God. You can't make those deals, God sets His terms and we have no say in it. Making vows, agreements, or promises is foolish because we can never keep them. Grace says that I don't have to.

Today's workout, full body intervals
Squat, biceps curl, push up, lunge, row, bench dip, hamstring curl, Y

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