Tuesday, September 5, 2017

September 5, Disasters and prayers

I'm taking a detour from the daily blog to look at something currently happening. My thoughts sort of ramble a bit, it's getting late and I really want to post this Tuesday morning. It's this big storm in the Caribbean heading towards Florida and the Gulf of Mexico. And it's the destruction from Harvey in the past week. I've received a large number of requests to join prayer chains, mostly from people who also live here in Florida. Been watching the projected path closely. My adult son asked what my plans were, currently just watching. Last Saturday, when the track looked like it might come straight here, my plans were to wait until the last day, board up the house and head for family in South Carolina. Staying in the path of a major storm is, in my opinion, foolish. As the weekend has progressed, the track is going more south, should the storm come north through Florida, starting in Miami or Tampa, we'll probably simply board up and ride it out, depending on the strength and where it lands. So tonight (Monday), as I sit in my relative comfort in a climate controlled house, I'm thinking of the losses already suffered and those which will be. I know what it feels like to lose a home. Lost one in Arkansas, this one was gutted by a fire seven years ago, and in the past three years, due to medical expense we've exhausted our life savings. Yes I know loss and I also know what it feels like to go through it alone. I think about the prayers and the prayer chains. Would I agree with their prayers? If the storm misses Florida it will still hit the islands. if it goes straight past Florida and into the gulf the odds are it will impact Houston. As it moves people may believe it's in response to their prayers that it not hit us. I think that's a dangerous position to take, it implies that some prayers are more valuable than others. Are the people of Cuba and Puerto Rico not praying? When disasters happen the common question is why? Why did God do this? I know there are some who believe it's a form of judgment but I don't agree. We live in a broken world, has been for a long time and as such these disasters strike. I don't know how many people died from Harvey in Texas and I don't want to seem unsympathetic. The number could have been smaller had people taken the warning to leave. There will be deaths on the islands, unfortunately they have no place to go. We're told to be wise in all situations. Sometimes that means to go someplace else. My thoughts on praying about this storm is that it would simply collapse on itself in the ocean, no losses anywhere and we see the hand of God performing a miracle. But only the people of God would believe that. The scientific community would come up with some explanation for why it happened. I also think about the recent events across the country, demonstrations and civil unrest over flags and monuments. Maybe that's part of the reason that God doesn't stop the storm. I saw a picture last week, there was a line of pick-up trucks with fishing boats driving down some Texas highway. Going to help rescue people stranded in the flood. I also saw on at least one of those trucks a Confederate flag decal. Was he going to spread discord and hate? I think not. Perhaps this is the greater miracle, certainly God can simply stop the storm, but should he not, in the aftermath, we see the spirit of God and the people of God crossing boundaries with no thought of politics, race, or position. When we focus on what's really important we lose the sight of skin color and focus on people. As a nation we have an opportunity to learn this lesson, it's people who are important. Not flags, not monuments, not buildings just people. I have doubts that we will. And I doubt this will be the primary story in the news but that's my prayer. That God's people will do His will and the nation will see that it's not about who you are or where you live or what color you are.

Today's workout 30:00 cardio and upper body
do this 5 times. 3 rounds 30 second step and 30 second jump rope then 10 push-ups, 10 pull-ups, 10 shoulder presses.

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