Friday, September 8, 2017

September 8 Genesis 30:23-43 Jacob has learned his lessons

There is no doubt that Laban was a devious cheat. Jacob has been working for him for at least 21 years, (Gen 29:21-30). During this time Jacob has been learning from a master trickster, he's also learned something about in-breeding and cross breeding sheep. Jacob makes this deal to take only the blemished sheep, but Laban tried to trick him again and moved all of the blemished sheep miles away. As an interesting side note, God takes all of the blemished sheep. Jacob uses a superstition that when the sheep mate, if they see sticks which are striped or blotched then the offspring will also. Not exactly the case, as long as they animals are consistently cross bred the different traits will appear. And breeders will attest that stronger herds come from this practice. Jacob figured this out over the years. I guess Laban just didn't understand what was happening, perhaps he thought that since Jacob started with only white sheep they'd never have spots. But I figure that there were other shepherds in the area, and I expect that Jacob was sly enough to breed some of his sheep with the neighbors. 

Today's workout, full body intervals
Row, squat, biceps curl, push up, windmill, lunge, T, bench dip

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