Saturday, September 9, 2017

September 9, Genesis 31:1-32 Time for Jacob to go home

Laban's sons figured out what Jacob was doing with his selective breeding process and I believe were about to take some action. We see God take a more direct role in telling Jacob it's time to go. Most of this history needs no commentary but I will look at what Rachael did with her father's gods. These would have been some sort of carved or cast idols. Her reasons for taking them is not given. Some have thought that she coveted them, some have thought that she believed in and worshiped them, and I read a commentary that she may have taken them so that her father could not go to his gods to determine where Jacob had gone. There was a lot of superstition in these idols and practices yet today there is still a lot of superstitions in so many areas. People today pray with cloths, figurines, beads, metal or plastic crosses. Or they pray to past saints. Jacob makes a statement in verse 32 which is very dangerous, that if anyone is found with Laban's things they will be killed. Had they been found with Rachael, what would that do to all of them? That's an extreme measure, one should not make blanket statements when all of the facts are not known. We see in so many places a vow or promise is made without knowing everything only to cause problems later. Some actually believe that Jacob spoke a curse of death on Rachel because of this. I'm not so sure I go that far but care must always be given in what we say.

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