Monday, October 22, 2018

October 22 I Thessalonians 3 Encouragement in times of affliction

We don't know all of the specifics but we do know quite a bit. Paul was an outcast from his Jewish brothers, in fact many of them wanted to kill him. He made enemies in nearly every city he visited. Was stoned and beaten. Wandered homeless for nearly all of his ministry. His life certainly wasn't easy. It would be simple to look at his life and say; If he's really living for God, then why is his life so miserable? Isn't that part of the message being preached today? Live for God and have prosperity and health. But it's not true. Living for God is hard. Paul was encouraged in that the church was still standing steadfast in spite of Paul's troubles, not believing those lies. Which brings up a point, it's easy to sing praises and shout for joy when life is going well, but when life really sucks, and trust me sometimes even for the saccharine sweet Christian life sometimes really sucks, to remain steadfast is more testimony of the truth in the gospel. Paul was encouraged because the church he helped start was still faithful, as he was faithful. Do you know someone whose life really sucks today? Are they still faithful? Then do this to be an encouragement, call and tell them. Don't quote scripture, or some cliche. Say something like there's nothing I can do to help, but I'm thinking of you and you are an inspiration. 

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