Sunday, January 27, 2019

Venezuela, the results of gun control and socialism

I know that we still teach history in the public schools, I wonder though what exactly we teach. Throughout all of history, in every case, when a country adapts the ideas of socialism and disarms it's population, the same thing happens. Government becomes corrupt, the economy collapses, and the people suffer. It happened in the former Soviet Union, it took so much longer because they were so big and could pull resources from different countries. But the topic today is Venezuela. Even if you're like me, avoiding the news as much as possible, (because it's not news but opinion), you'll know that something is wrong there. The economy is dead, people are starving, the socialist leader is a tyrannical dictator. And although some people say that the people voted for him, the election was fixed so it really didn't count. But they didn't get here over night. The socialist, the liberal, the communist, all essentially the same in my opinion. They're willing to play at the long game. Gun control began in Venezuela back in the late 30's, actually 1939. They enacted the law on Arms and Explosives. The law in essence states that weapons used by the Armed Forces cannot be owned by civilians. The text reads cannons and mortars but it was enforced in a way which still allowed the general populace to own .22 caliber rifles and shotguns. Could still hunt for game and still engage in target sporting shooting, but no military style weapons. Common sense gun laws. Sound familiar? Remember that the first thing any dictatorial government must do is disarm the people. And that disarmament does not stop with firearms. Limiting education, skewing it to be indoctrination of the designed politic is also a form of disarmament. So in 1939 the disarmament began. The economy of Venezuela, since the 20' has been based primarily on oil. In the 50's their GDP had them as the 4th wealthiest country in the world. Then came the socialist reforms in the 60's, 70's and early 80's. The federal government spent huge amounts of money on social programs, education, welfare, health care, and transportation. But then in the 80's oil prices collapsed. (That always happens, whenever anything is grossly inflated, eventually the floor falls out, remember the housing market in the mid 90's).  With the collapses of oil prices, the government social programs dried up. In 1989 there was rioting in Caracas due to the removal of the government programs. Inflation ran rampant through the 90's. the country relied too heavily on it's oil export and when that was gone they no longer had marketable commodities. Hugo Ch├ívez became president in 1998, after a failed coup, he gained the support of the populace and eventually became president. As circumstances would have it, oil markets began to swing back up at the same time and he had more income that predecessors. The economy began to grow, then tanked again. In 2002 they passed more gun control laws, and then in 2012 essentially banned all civilian owned guns, under the guise of protecting the citizens from crime. (Does this sound familiar too). In 1999 Chavez put forth a public referendum to create a constitutional assembly, and re-write the constitution of Venezuela. (No we do not need to re-write the US constitution, and always be afraid of anyone who thinks otherwise). This new political body assumed total control of the government under Chavez' direction, and they voted to give themselves power to abolish or dismantle government institutions or officials they perceived as corrupt. (Disabling checks and balances). Maduro became president in 2013 and his cabinet was primarily leftist academics. So this brings us to today, how did the 4th ranked country in the world become the most miserable place to live? It was the dependency on 1 export and the huge government social programs. Regardless of what some of our current politicians believe, when someone tries to buy something, they actually need to have money. In a global economy, if a government gives away health care, education, and food, they have to get money to pay for those things. If you can no longer trade with the rest of the world, money just isn't there. Today they have a corrupt government with no checks and balances, (just 1 branch), huge world debt, and a population who feel like slaves with no hope. This is the end result of socialism. And this is why we should never surrender the right to bear arms. 

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