Don't let the name fool you, I don't sell fitness equipment.  That name refers to how much someone would spend if they purchased retail all of the equipment needed to achieve and maintain a healthy body. It doesn't take fancy expensive equipment, some of the best resistance movements are done with just body weight. Check out the equipment page, add to that some other basics like a jump rope, some dumbbells, and a weight bench.

I put this together for a couple of reasons , first is the fact that trying to lose weight is the biggest industry in the world today.  And in that industry, remarkably, the most profitable items are pills or so called fitness supplements.  We still haven't learned that you can't get a healthy body from a bottle.  Next comes fad diet plans, not to be confused with actual nutrition, but the low carb or high carb or grapefruit or whatever other plan there is.  Balanced nutrition is the key to healthy living.  Many of the prepackaged nutrition plans out there are actually pretty good, they've simply taken the guesswork out of the equation, and fixed the portion size problem.  Portion sizes are a BIG problem, we simply don't know how much we should eat.

The second reason is equipment.  For some reason people think they have to have fancy expensive equipment to get healthy.  And most  equipment is big.  It seems that when someone finally decides to lose weight, the first thing they do is hit the treadmill, yep I did too.  While doing lots of cardiovascular activity will burn calories and fat, adding muscle will burn more resting calories, it will also improve bone density and flexibility.   I'll show you how I made most of my stuff, how I use it every day.  Check out the rest of the site and whether you follow these plans or some other plans, just be active and take control of your life.

I made lifestyle changes back in 1996, dropped over 45 pounds and I've kept it off.  There have been some up's and down's along the way but I have found that by keeping track EVERY day of what I eat, and doing an average of 30 minutes each day of exercise, I can maintain the body I want.

For nutrition I try to eat ten to twelve calories per pound that I want to weigh.  I shoot for 40-30-30 ratio, 40% from carbohydrates and 30% from both fat and protein.  This works well for me.
I also find that eating the same meals on specific days makes planning and balancing nutrition easier.
I carry a sack lunch and make a rule not to eat anything that I do not bring to work.  Having a rotation of four to six different dinners can seem boring but it does make it easier to keep track.  The same with breakfast and lunch.  Personally I eat the same breakfast each weekday, Saturday is different but the same each Saturday as is Sunday.  There are several sites to help with nutrition, check out Sparkpeople.com.